Estudio de la Paz


b. 1986, HK.

DRAWING WORKS - Scad Drawing Exhibition / 2018

DRAWING WORKS - Scad Drawing Exhibition / 2018

Sebastian de la Paz

Artist | Designer

- A recent Graduated architect from Quito, Ecuador with experience in international firms such as “Adache Group Architects” (Florida, USA), “Uribe & Schwarzkopf Architecture” (Quito, Ecuador), and “Marzipan ID” (West Palm Beach, USA).

- Studied architecture in Savannah, USA (Professional Master of Architecture (M.A Arch) & Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture (B.F Arch) Minor: Furniture Design and Manufacturing.

- Currently in Miami Beach pursuing new ideas and developing projects as an independent designer.

Awards & Publications

SCAD | Academic Honors Scholarship

SCAD | Artistic Honors Scholarship

IDA | Design Awards 2016/ Silver: The Link

SCAD | Chairs thesis award: Bambo Re - Live

Pays d’apt | The plug’-IN / September 2015

3NTA Magazine | Steel Library “A Call to Wisdom” / March 2016

3NTA Magazine | Parametric Bench “Kimera” / April 2016

3NTA Magazine | Tesla Car Dealership / May 2016

CritDay Daily Architecture | Steel Library / July 2017

EXPOSED | Independet Photography Exposition / Jun 2016

SCAD | Architecture Exposition / Jun 2014

VERNISSAGE | Exposition des Etudiants de SCAD / Dec 2013

DRAWING WORKS | Scad Drawing Exhibition / 2018

BLACK & WHITE | Lensculture / 2018



- My approach in terms of design begins by questioning the world around us. Directed externally by the environment in we lived in and focused on discovering new ideas and ways in how we can improve the spaces and objects that we know as every day.

Then, by researching and analyzing, the subject is that we can start looking for opportunities, not just problems to solve. This is how new solutions can appear, by creating innovation not only issues of the past are addressed but also gives us a new window into the unknown.

- That’s how I take ideas from inception to completion. I learned to trust, respect, and be loyal to this process. Not only work’s as a guide for the ultimate goal, but they also open a new window of possibilities. This concept arises, which is not only fluid and changes continuously since there is always something new to learn & discover.

As for now, it gives life to the ideas that are present and nourish the journey ahead. Full of curiosity, uncertainty, failures, and solutions. I believe that serendipity happens all the time, we just need to have the eyes open to see it...